Thursday, March 11, 2010

Postcard Sent

My Grandma H lived in a big brick house with green shutters, a wrap-around porch, and a mean cat named Growler. The house was originally wood, but my grandfather was a prosperous farmer and one year he traveled across the state with horses and a wagon to get bricks to cover the big farm house. The house is gone now, and a McDonald's is where my grandma's chicken house was, and an Applebee's Restaurant stands where her garden used to grow.

My other grandma, Grandma T, lived in a tiny little white wooden house that her husband built after earning money in Alaska. There were two tiny bedrooms and a teeny porch in the front where my uncles slept growing up, even in the winter. She had a glass mailbox next to her front door, and she put a bell around her cat's neck to protect the neighborhood birds. My grandma is gone and the glass mailbox is gone, but the house is still there.

The Dutch settled in Manhattan and this is a picture of a Dutch farmhouse that belonged to the Dyckman family. They owned a farm and orchard in upper Manhattan. The street in front of the house is Broadway. The house is a museum now and I bought this postcard there. I'm sending it to a Postcrossing person in the Netherlands.

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